eros12122536eros13020210Eros Boys Bar is in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya. It is right at the end of the Soi at the Soi Yensabai end. (At the bottom of this page there’s a map)

Their website starts “You are very welcome to come in and see our boys. There are some pictures here but it’s always better to come in and see our lads in person. We are open every day (except for special holidays) from 8 pm to 1 am. We are located in Sunee Plaza, that’s just off Soi 18, Second Road, Pattaya.”

eros13010514Well, what can we say and why are we spotlighting it? Eros has been open for around 3 years. For two of them, the previous owner spent a lot of time and energy building the bar up. He got a great manager in the form of Joe, sorted the format so it was both fun and exciting. He removed the stage and put in table top “mushrooms” and generally got the place about right. However, he also runs Happy Boys and decided that two bars were just too much.

eros13010425On November 1st, he sold the bar to a new owner. The main thing the new man has done is started an extensive package of parties. He had around 8 a month through the high season and plans 4-6 a month through the low season. The parties are always different, always innovative. He’s taken some of the great ideas pioneered by other bars (such as the Boy Bingo started by Happy Place) and the Tarzan Party (from Happy Boys) and added many of his own. If you were there you’ll never forget the pool party at the start of January …

eros-gala-faces-SMALLThey have also “adopted” Pattaya Street Kids as their local charity and had a fundraising gala on November 18th for them. This raised 10,000B donated from draw ticket sales, some donations from customers and a healthy donation from the takings of the bar that night.

This bar averages 15 boys an evening of all sorts. They are welcoming and friendly as always and would like to get to know you!

You can follow their parties on Nicky’s site, and they have recently become the sponsor for our newsletter, so we will be featuring them regularly. You can also follow them on their website, which has its own blog of party pictures. Subscribe to their blog on Better still, if you’re in Pattaya, call in and see them. Party night or not, there’s always fun at Eros.

PS Boy Bingo tomorrow – Wednesday 6th!

Map of Eros and Sunee Plaza

View Eros Boy Bar, Sunee Plaza in a larger map

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