Originally posted 13/06/12 We’ve found a secret place. Lopnos Paradise – a wonderful sounding gay home hospitality place. They have a website at http://www.lonops-paradise.de (there’s a button top right for the English pages).

It looks really great, but where is it? Can you find an address or map on their website? We’ve emailed the owners and will report back when we hear. Then we will get it listed

UPDATE 24/06/12

We emailed the owners twice, about 10 days ago. We’ve not heard back, so we assume this place has gone. We hope we’re wrong … If anyone knows we are please let us know and we will try again. We do want to help advertise it to the community if we can …

UPDATE 25/06/12

Contact has been made – now all we need to do is find where they are and get it posted!

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Pattaya’s best kept secret! — 1 Comment

  1. Hello friends,

    We are the owners of Paradise Lonops. We are private and not a hotel, our guests take to contact via email or via our website.
    We do not want the uninvited guests to visit, so we do not publish address!

    Feel free to contact us!

    Nop & Lothar


    Hallo Freunde,

    wir sind die Eigentümer von Lonops Paradise. Wir sind privat und kein Hotel unsere Gäste nehmen Kontakt auf per Email oder über unsere Webseite.
    Wir wollen nicht das ungebetene Gäste zu Besuch kommen, deshalb veröffentlichen wir keine Anschrift!

    Fühlt euch frei uns zu kontaktieren!

    Nop & Lothar