“OK breakfast number 2. hard act to follow yesterday, but I decided to go to Papa David’s.

Here’s the menu – I baulked at the Super large and went for a large instead! At 175B it was more in my price line and more to the liking of my waistline.

The service was very quick and the odds arrived (as expected) first. There was a small glass of orange juice – but at least it was included in the price. The coffee was a normal cup, freshly brewed, with a free refill. It was piping hot! The toast was real bread, but there was barely enough butter (1 pre-wrapped pat) and definitely not enough strawberry jam. I’m sure I could have asked for more if I had been bothered.

Then the main meal arrived. it was quick too, I didn’t have to wait long.

The first impression was good. The portion was not as large as yesterday, but that was all to the good. It was perfectly adequate. Notes I made – sausages meaty and tasty. Not very herby, but slightly peppery. Good flavour. Fried as was the bacon. The bacon itself was back, 2 rashers. Thick and tasty. The eggs were just a tad underdone. Slightly snotty on the top. But not bad enough to worry about. Overall a good effort and for 175 Baht, this was more the sort of meal I was expecting.

The bill came exactly as predicted – no nasty shocks and for the price, great value. Now I have two meals to compare others to, let’s see what the future brings. There’s a lot more places out there. Would I go back? That’s the acid test – yes I would. I’ve eaten at Papa David’s before and will again.”

New places that have been suggested to us:
Maggs in Thepprasit
Lindas, Thappraya near the Hanuman Statue
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These add to
Pig & Whistle Second Road Soi 7
Palmers in Boyztown
Canterbury Tales in Soi Chaiyapoon (They have black pudding as part of the feast – YUMMY)
Sea Fresh in Thapraya near Soi 7.
Pattaya Beer Garden on pier at end of beach road
Baan Dok Mai Guesthouse, Day/Night
Baywatch Diner on Beach Road (Walking St. end).
The Coffee Club on the ground floor of Royal Garden Plaza
Rich Man-Poor Man’s: Soi 9 Jomtien

Already reviewed
Papa Davids by the Hanuman statue in Jomtien
Café Royale in Boyztown

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