The massage places come and go with alarming regularity. If you go to a place that’s reviewed here and it’s gone, I apologise, but I can’t check them all every day. However please do tell me and I’ll take it off the website so no one else does the same. On the other hand if you find somewhere I’ve missed, again please do tell me and I’ll get it reviewed and online as quickly as I can. Click on any place to reach their individual page, should you wish to read or leave any comments about them. All the pictures will expand to give a larger version if clicked on.

The Ambassador Hotel – Sukhumvit Soi 11

A lesson in contrasts here. The Ambassador Hotel houses two massage parlours. One is very upmarket and very un-sexy, the other is very down market (and actually not all that sexy either!). I’ll describe both of them for you as I’ve been to both.

OK first the Spa. Located on the second floor of the main wing, it’s not hard to find. Walk into the hotel, go through the prestigious lobby and take the lift to the second floor. After that just follow the signs. It’s a very well appointed Spa in the heart of a 5 star hotel. That’s possibly what gives it some of its charm. It’s not cheap. 1200B for an hour oil massage and 800B for Thai massage, but the masseurs are consummate professionals. You can request a man and they will normally have one on tap. But there’s no choice of man. As for “Happy Endings”, it’s a bit dubious, although you probably will get one off the masseur, being part of the “service” so to speak. Any more than that is very unlikely.

So to sum up, a great massage, yes, anything else, no.

Their website is here –

At the other end of the scale so to speak is the Health Centre. This is a little harder to find. Enter the building (although this MAY change as they currently are remodelling their entrance) and turn right. Follow the signs for the Tower Wing. Go up the escalators to the third floor and then follow the signs to the Health Centre. Up another flight of stairs and you’re there. Here you can get a massage from a man (if you ask) without choice of which one. I was asked if I wanted “special” and for 1,000B the masseur stripped and performed a very perfunctory ending for me. However the man was not to my taste and the ending was definitely for the money only. The massage was poor and the ending was poor. Not the best place! But some people like it and it’s often reported in the press, so I’ve been. I won’t be going back!

Banana Club – Sukhumvit Soi 23

Old photo – will be replaced when new one comes to hand

It looks impressive. The ground floor is dedicated to foot massage. Don’t be put off by the ladies working there. There are some cute boys though if you just want your tired legs refreshing. The bulk of the boys are on the first floor waiting in a lobby for you. All the employees moved and they have picked up some new, good-looking staff. .

Showers are still outside of rooms in the locker area. All looks new, fresh and modern.

Open from mid afternoon to late at night. Pretty easy to find, walk along soi 23 , after while you pass Urban Male on your right coming from Sukhumvit and then you will find yourself on small intersection with crossing soi. Banana is right on the corner, diagonally from small shopping plaza.

Dalha Massage – Sukhumvit Soi 77/1

Dalha was suggested by Shameless Mack. I’d never have found it otherwise. As he himself says, the soi (Sukhumvit Soi 77/1) is full of girly massage places and this one is buried in the middle of them all. The staff weren’t too impressed being photo’d, but soon overcame it when I went inside. It’s a standard facility, curtained areas upstairs for the massage, mattress on the floor. I didn’t see (or wasn’t offered) a shower. That’s the main downside. Everything else was good. The massage was nice, the lad was nice, the place was OK.

Will I go back there? Maybe if I’m in the area! To help you find it, it’s on the right walking down from Sukhumvit, about half way down the soi.

Dr. Bear Massage – Rachada soi 3

drbearJust at the back of Fortune Town lies Rachada soi 3. There’s an interesting looking massage place there called Dr. Bear. To quote from an email we received from them:

“Just to tell you i opened a massage place. it’s gay (very) friendly. It’s opened next to the R3 sauna recently opened on Rachada soi 3. It is a very small place, 4 beds, but we do offer high quality services from thai massage to oil massage. i have been creating a special massage that i called ObOon, which is a sensual massage, much slower than regular oil massage and the masseur will be playing with the whole body sensually and without inhibition.
We offer as well Organ I and II which is visceral organs massage for Organ I and a sexual parts massage for the Organ II. We offering a 50% discount on all our services for the opening.”

We intend to visit soon and will add our own interpretation of the place. In the meantime, should you try it, please give us a review.

According to a friend who went there recently,

“The sexual organ massage is not a happy ending or hand job, but a proper massage and extremely enjoyable! Go try :-)”

21/07/16 We’ve just received this message from the venue:

“Hi Nicky! just wanted to update you. we (Dr. Bear) had opened a new shop for girl to girl massage or male to male massage with me by appointment only.
The demand for lesbian services are growing and we do offer the same quality massage for girls with the same organ 1& 2, the organ 2 is focusing for gals on pelvic floor (uterus and ovaries) massage follow by the breasts.
Thank you for posting!!!”


Guy Spa – Sukhumvit Soi 19

Nice place, but that’s about where the “nice” stops. The massage I got there was below average and the service after was perfunctory. The boy was picked from a photo album and turned up in a few minutes. This is a method of selection I hate, as I want my massage to start there and then. The massage was on the poor side of OK and the service after was typical “I’m a straight boy and I don’t do this unless the pay is really good”. And obviously the pay wasn’t that good. After the massage I was offered another shower (having had one before we started) but the boy was cleaning the room rather than cleaning me. I did wonder if I’d got a full wallet how much cleaning would be done there. Having said all that, this was just one visit and I wasn’t exactly keen to go back again. I will, but I’ll be more cautious next time and have far lower expectations! They are 28/7 Sukhumvit Soi 19. Not hard to find on the third sub soi on the right.

For more information see their website (complete with annoying music) –

Jey Spa – Sukhumvit Soi 41

Very nice experience. Shame the place is a little far away, and it doesn’t get the “passing” traffic it deserves. The boys were chosen from a book, but they were mainly there, and I was told the first boy I picked was not available. The second one came straight in – he’d obviously been sitting in the garden outside.

Nice room, with a shower inside. Great massage – one of the better ones I’d had. The boy said they taught massage at the spa, which is very unusual. The ending was good, if a little bit “straight boy no like sex with man” approach. But it left me satisfied. I’d mark this place high and intend to go back from time to time. Very easy to find – on the left hand side of the soi, number 15/1

Check out their website here –

Mar Spa – Sukhumvit Soi 61

Nice place. I was “caught” by a boy going in taking this picture, and he was so cute I had to follow him. What followed was a very pleasant session in a nice clean room with a boy who knew what he was doing and appeared to enjoy showing it off. The massage was professional and enjoyable. The happy ending certainly brought a smile to my face (and I think to his too). All in all a good session and a place I could recommend. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s the closest spa to Ekkamai. Maybe a last relax before you catch the bus home? That’s what I did that day!

Oh and I kept meaning to ask them if it was “Mar Spa” as on their website or “Mars Spa” as on the sign. It just kept slipping my mind! Easy to find. It’s actually on the main soi (not down a sub soi).

For more information see their website – – currently unavailable

Panumesh Spa – Boss Mansions, Rama IV Road

It’s a bit of a hike to get here. When I did get there, I was a little disappointed. The website implies a whole host of boys and there were three to choose from. But after that disappointment it went good. The lad I picked gave a good massage, the place was clean and the shower was nice. He joined me in there. I’d rank it a good 7 out of 10, if the lads they have suit you. But it is a hike!

I might go back, when I have some new shoes!

They have a hi5 site at

Pulalai Massage – Sukhumvit Soi 77

Once you get over the fact that this place is a long way down the BTS, it’s not hard to get to. Make sure you go the FAR side of Sukhumvit Soi 77 as the barriers make it impossible to cross. I had a long walk round after taking this picture. Most sites say it’s opposite Carrefour (which is now a Big C extra). Actually it’s on the opposite side of the road, but a good bit closer to Sukhumvit than the store.

Reasonable place, mattress on the floor type room with shared showers. But there were about 6 boys to choose from and one really just appealed to me. And that always kicks things off well. But it was a pleasant experience and the price was right.

They have more details on their website here – – I’ve not hyperlinked it as at the moment it’s been hacked and crashed!

Tony’s Massage – Sukhumvit Soi 77

This is another place I have to thank Shameless Mack for showing me. But whereas he had a nice massage, mine was awful. I’ve told you before it’s luck of the draw! It’s down the side of Big C Extra, follow the cars towards the car park. Sukhumvit Soi 77.

The room is the typical “curtain-divided” multi mattress place, and the shower is small and not so clean. The lad I chose didn’t appeal (but he was the best of a bad small bunch) and the massage was poor. Sex afterwords was not offered and I didn’t ask. To be honest, it would have been omitted from the site had I been in a different mood. Maybe it’s here to see if you have a better experience. Just don’t get your hopes up too high.


Urban Male – Sukhumvit Soi 23

Really good place. Small selection of boys, but in this case it was quality not quantity that counts. I had a really nice massage at a good price from a very competent masseur. He knew the art and applied it well. The back and legs were really feeling relaxed and I’d completely lost track of time when he told me to turn over. In fact I think I’d dozed off – not a bad thing at all.

The front was a different matter though. Quick and minimal were two words that came to mind. He had obviously badly judged the time as the whole experience was the full 90 minutes. The sex at the end was the same, quick and hurried. Shame.

So I came out 50-50 about this place. Would I go back? Yes, but with reservations. It’s on the right hand side of the soi, quite a long way up, number 24/6.

There is more on their website here –